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Android Video Streaming

edited July 2012 in MixEmergency
Joshua & Eloy talks about how to stream live video from an iPhone to an overlay on ME ( Can anyone tell me how I can do this with my Android?



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    I don't know of any similar apps for Android.... but it someone does, and has successfully used it with MixEmergency, then let me know.
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    I was wondering this as well. As I use my iPhone for TouchOSC and HotSpot, I could use my old EVO 4G for another webcam
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    The Mobiola site says that iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows phones are support. No mention of Android's. So disappointing...
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    I have found another application seems to be great. However importing the webcam feed into ME seems to be the only issue. Here's what I have so far:

    - IP Webcam (
    - Configured and started server
    - Using local Wi-FI address of give me a screen with the below options

    Android webcam server

    You can view your camera in several ways:

    Open stream in media player, such as VLC
    Open remote control panel for use with mediaplayers and third-party software
    Use java browser plugin
    Use javascript to update frames in browser, for IE, Playstation and Wii. Use, if your browser do not support MJPG natively
    Use browser built-in viewer (not supported by some browsers)
    Use tinyCam Monitor on another Android device
    Use IP Cam Viewer on another Android device (external link)
    Connect to PC for use with Skype and other videochats on Windows
    Connect to PC for use with Skype and other videochats on Ubuntu GNU/Linux (external link)
    Take full-resolution photo without or with autofocus (put phone into a silent mode to prevent shutter sound)
    Download immediate video frame
    Third-party software support:

    URL for MJPG-compatible software:
    URL for software that supports JPEG frames (slower, less secure):
    URL for audio streaming:
    URL for full-resolution photo capture:
    URL for full-resolution photo capture (with autofocus):
    URL for compressed audio stream, use for auido-only recording:


    I can open the stream using VLC, and via the browser with Java. The issue is there is no settings within the video input to configure this stream. The drop down menu consists of "Built-in iSight" and default. This application does not have a local install for MAC the way Mobiola does.

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    There's no way to use camera's like this in MixEmergency (or QuickTime Player, etc) - other than using some dodgy screen-capture workarounds.
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    I'm doing a Skype call with the lead product manager of

    They are interested in further developing their product to support the live webcam same as Mobiola. Would you be able to give me any info I need to relay onto them or consider speaking to their product lead?

    I met with another couple last night for their wedding and they are all over the idea of one of their friends being able to run around with the live webcam from a phone during the wedding for certain moments.
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    In other is Mobiola's app able to be streamed live as a video overlay??
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    I imagine that it's creating a software "device" that is compatible with QuickTime.
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    when you install the mobiola dekstop app it adds audio and video drivers. it shows up as camera available to use in any app that supports cameras.

    they have it for crackberry and windows mobile so i don't' see any reason why an android version won't be along soon.
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    I hope so...the app is pretty solid and compliments ME very well...
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