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text overlay

edited August 2012 in MixList
I have borrowed a macbook pro which I use wth ME 2.1 and serato 2.4.2. the problem I have wth text overlays comes when I record my mix. the position of the text overlay usually changes (I think to default) from the position where I want it to be... could you pliz rectify this problem


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    I've just had a look through this myself, and it appears that a bug has crept in to this section of the code. I think it may have occurred when I changed some of the development tools that I use for MixEmergency.

    I've managed to fix this, and it'll be fixed in the next release.

    If you've set the position of the text just once before you started your recording, then you may be able to salvage it (if you aren't afraid to use a hex editor).
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    ok then thanx for noting.... can't wait For the next release..... hope u have smthn in store for the pc users too....
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