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Fader issues with Rane mixers and Scratch Live 2.4.3

edited March 2013 in MixEmergency
[Update] Scratch Live 2.4.4 has since been released and has fixed these issues with the faders on Rane mixers. It is recommended that you upgrade to this version.

There is an issue with final release of Scratch Live 2.4.3 which has broken the ability for MixEmergency to use the faders on Rane mixers.

Serato has been made aware of this issue, and will work towards fixing this in the next release of Scratch Live.

In the meantime, I recommend that users:

a) Revert to using Scratch Live 2.4.2


b) After launching Scratch Live 2.4.3, enable and then disable Serato Video in the Setup screen of Scratch Live

While I can't recommend using the public beta versions of Scratch Live, it has been noted that a number of users are using Scratch Live 2.4.3 public beta 3 successfully.


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    Does anyone have a link to the 2.4.3 beta? I want to try that workaround.
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    Nevermind. Found it.
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    Hey Nick...Hope all is well since VDJC2.. I'm ready to use my secrete info learned at your seminar lol bring on the new M.E. Dj Nyce got me going with his post
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    Yeah - it's coming...
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    Are you just waiting on the Serato team to release a new update for this issue to be resolved?
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    Yes - that's all that can be done to fix this issue.
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    Is this still the case? Has the latest version of mixemergency not fixed the problem? If so, does anyone have an idea as to when Serato is going to make their next update? Is there a beta version now that works?
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    Yes, it's still the case - it's not something that can be fixed within MixEmergency. I'm not aware of when the next version of Scratch Live will be released.
  • Nick I am using 2.4.2 but the cross fader sometimes doesn't cross over, have there been any other issues with this? My 62 works fine, but my 57 is acting up...
  • That's odd. Is it not fading at all, or just stuck a little out from the edge? If it's just out from the edge a tiny bit, you could always just move the "Fader cut-in" preference in MixEmergency.
  • it sometimes fades fine and other times not at all, it has happened with 2 of my 57s I noticed it more on a recent recording that I did. It didn't change at all even after I went side to side a couple of times.
  • Oh, ok... what version of MixEmergency were you using?
  • The latest, I upgraded...
  • Hmmm, I can't say of heard of any other cases of this. I have no idea why it would only be the 57 that is doing this. I assume it has been the same with both of your 57 mixers (?) - which would rule out it being a faulty hardware issue. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  • Nick...Since 2.4.4 beta is out will ME faders work with it?
  • Not in this first beta.
  • Thanks for the reply
  • Yes Nick it was both 57s should I try to re install ME?
  • I don't think reinstalling ME will help. Have used any other versions of SL between system restarts?
  • same on both my macbooks...
  • Can anyone hook me up with the installer for SSL 2.4.3 PB 3?
  • There's a new Scratch Live public beta out today that should fix these issues:

    I should note that I haven't verified the fix myself as I'm out of the office right now, so let us know if you try it out.
  • Great news! Thank you Nick and Serato!
  • tried it with the 62...before it doesnt work its working
  • hi nick.
    i recently updated only to find that my mix emergncy is still locked.
    so i still have to go to the plug in screen adn siable serato video and enable

    i have tried updating
    de autorizing computer

    and all with no sucess

    please help
  • You're using the latest 2.4.4 beta? (note that the first beta didn't have the fix)
  • OH SNAP i just downloaded the same version of serato. i must of read in an older thread that the new version was released. DUH,

    using beta version now
  • 2.4.4 is out. ME not compatible yet right?
  • ME works with 2.4.4. even the fader issue has been resolved.
  • Hi, is it safe to upgrade serato 2.4.4 to Scratch Live 2.5.0 at this time I am using MixEmergency 2.1.0?
  • Yes. From what I've seen, Scratch Live 2.5 is working just fine :)
  • Hi Nick Scratch 2.5 is not working with my MixEmergency Version 2.0.1 (
    I am going to have to install 2.4.4 again
  • The indicator is red
  • You need to install MixEmergency 2.1 or higher.
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