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Make your own Dj Name Transition

edited February 2013 in MixEmergency
To do this, you edit this Quartz Composition, and place it in:

Added notes on patches to edit
here is the download link


  • Nice one!
  • so i tried it out. things seemed to be working for a bit. then my lappy just shut down completely (not at a gig - at home - running without serato - just battery). which is weird since it should've had enough charge to last for a bit. maybe the battery is too old...(pre-unibody 2008). so i plugged it back in.

    then the qtz transitions just didn't work. ME could see them in the folder, but the transition was coming out wrong. i tried 3 different types. one with a regular picture of my daughter (to see what a full color pic would be like) and 2 with just single color words (my name in a bold font - one as jpg, other as png w/transparency).

    before the lappy shut down, i guess it was doing kinda like a lumakey transition with the full picture font. cool. after the comp crash, it was doing like one of the grid transitions. when i tried one of the font qtz transitions, it would just cut over immediately.

    i tried re-booting and nothing. it just doesn't work. even deleted the qtz files and reloaded from the originals. nada. but ME still seems to run ok. this is the latest version of ME.
  • even tried it on my 2011 mbp. i just get some weird dithering effect....

    how big is the image supposed to be (that we're replacing)? what format?
  • Try to give the image a single background color like Black, Green or white and try to crop it if its showing more than the logo.
  • it's basically just bold text on a white or empty background right now
  • Hello Here is a transition I just made hope you enjoy
    Download Link

  • This is still unique here, Respect one VJ Baby Love

  • I can't get it do download :neutral:

  • @Phooka let me send you by email

  • edited May 2020

    @vjbabylove that would be great! I don't really want to post mine directly on here and can't delete posts either.What's up with that mods? lol [Edit (by Nick): I've removed your email address]
    Thanks a lot!

  • @vjbabylove can you send me the files as well?

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