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Tonetable suggested feature

edited June 2013 in Tonetable
Been using tonetable for about a month in place of my Technics and I am happy with a number of things:

1. less weight-I can bring my two iPads, cables, and macbook pro in my backpack and my 57 in my case in one trip from my auto to the club. No hand truck needed.

2. less space-not using turntables that I keep in Anvil cases saves several cubic feet in my automobile.

3. wow factor-people are amazed of the ingenuity of how they are used in place of turntables.

Thanks for a great product!

I have thought about a couple of things that would make the interface more convenient and sweet:

1. play button accessibility-I regularly use the drag stop at the end of a segue. However I am normally using the pitch mode and have to toggle back to display the play button to perform this stop. It would be nice if the play button was always available. That I guess would eliminate the toggling.

2. I sometimes use a app called Turnplay. It has a beautiful interface that very closely resembles a Technic 1200. There is another app I use called Vinyl Tap that gives the option of using different turntable styles. Neither one of these apps are useful for deejaying as they are built in a way that does not allow for scratching and other DJ style vinyl manipulation. I thought though it would be a great selling point for Tonetable to integrate more style options to the design and get a further wow factor from the public and professional dj community alike.
Ok maybe I got ahead of myself with that 2nd idea but yeah those are my suggestions. Thanks.


  • Thanks for your feedback - I can understand the issue with the play button would be very useful to resolve.

    As far as the design goes, I'll have a think about it, hehe.
  • Question. How do you set this up? I have a 57 and use serato on my Macbook Pro.
  • You set it up like you would for any control tone CD player or Vinyl with a turntable. You'll need a 1/8" to 2 x RCA cable to connect the iPad to your mixer.
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