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Twitter Feed Fix without a website / using localhost

edited September 2013 in MixEmergency
Get your twitter feeds working without uploading the php files to your website

1 Get access tokens and edit the php file
about the url use any active www or use mine

2 Edit the twitter qtz file WWW to http://localhost/twitter/rss.php
edit this photo Edittheqtzfile_zps40440941.png
or download and use this one don't forget to replace username text with your twitter handle

3 Download XAMPP drop the twitter folder in xammp - htdocs
where to put the php folder photo wheretoputthefolder_zps9f2fc1fd.png
Open XAMPP start both Apache and MySQL
photo StartXamp_zps8ade488d.png

Feel free to ask or if you a lazy hit me i will do the work for.....d(o_-)b
Don't forget to follow me on twitter @vjbabylove


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