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EMERGENCY.. unable to register

edited September 2013 in MixEmergency
Nick, I just got a new computer installed ME and attempted to authorize. I received a message saying something about details not being valid. I de-authorized ME on my old system thinking maybe that was the problem and now I'm unable to even re-authorize on that machine or authorize on the new one still either annnnnnd I have a gig in a few hours :-( help?


  • edited September 2013
    Also it looks like I purchased under the email [e-mail removed] just as an FYI
  • Hey - I've replied to your e-mail (and removed your e-mail address from your post).
  • Nick I can't seem to find that old email but can we reset my authorizations somehow? I don't think I ave access to at least one of the systems it was authorized on previously, maybe possibly two of them. If you could deauthorize all systems and allow me to start from scratch that would be GREAT!

  • Can you please email your request to from the email address that was used to purchase MixEmergency? I will look into the authorisations and respond there.

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