Please tell me your making an iPad version?
  • I heard about your product a while ago. But I didn't think anything of it because of the screen size issues.

    But now with the iPad.

    It seems as though tonetable is the perfect app for the iPad.
    I cant wait to roll onto a club with two iPads!
  • Hi emikey,

    There isn't any news on this front that I can announce right now. The iPad does have support for most current applications for the iPhone - so it will already be possible for you to run the current version of Tonetable on the iPad.
  • I contacted inklen about possibly expanding the control surface to cover the iPad's screen real-estate, I had suggested skins, pitch notches, and, a heads up display (basically somewhere on the screen that says +/- pitch variation), basically for the layout to be similar to that of a turntable, allowing the DJ to take better control.
  • I too would like to see better turntable size or touch tracking on the iPad version.
  • Tonetable 1.2 is out now (with support for the iPad).

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