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MixEmergency 2.3 released

edited October 2013 in MixEmergency
MixEmergency 2.3 is released today. This version fixes a number of minor issues when using Mac OS X version 10.9 (Mavericks). Download it here:

The update is free for those who have purchased a MixEmergency 2 license. MixEmergency 1 license holders are still eligible to upgrade for only $99.


  • sweet! can't wait to try it out
  • running great w/mavericks
  • Let Me Know If My Requests, Made It To ME 2.3, And Also Let Me Know How I Would Go About Doing These 2 in ME 2.3?

    1st: It Would Be Cool If There Is A Way To Put Text Or Image Over The Video Input Overlay Window: (Or Maybe Be Able To Change The Order Of The Overlays)
    Something Like: "Live DJ Cam" Or Image With Logo (Over Video Input Overlay Window), I Use The Video Input Overlay Window All Night While DJing And This Would Be Dope For Me...

    2nd: Text Outline: When I Scroll Text, It's hard to see on the videos with white backgrounds, Or Videos with border fill, So I Think A Text Outline Or Text Stroke (Would Be Cool) Like White Text With Black Outline Or Black Stoke (Maybe A Outline Or Stroke Button) To Make outline or stroke bigger or smaller

    Thanks For Everthing!
  • EXCELLENT as always Nick!
  • Anybody know what this means....? My ME kept crashing...

    'openGL framebuffer unsupported! choose different format'

    Kept getting this error today...

    15" MBP RETINA
    8GB RAM
    SERATO 2.5.0
    ME 2.3
  • That's strange. Can you please send me the crash log? (to:

    Also, if possible, zip/archive and send me your MixEmergency log file, which you can find at:

  • Hi !
    ... same here !

    'openGL framebuffer unsupported! choose different format'

    what i´ve noticed:
    this happens two times at the same point !
    I mean ME2.4 crashed when exporting a self encoded animation (video file)
    (encoded with Handbrake 0.9, serato 2.2 preset but 4500 kbps)

    15" MBP Retina late 2013
    16GB RAM, Geforce GT750M
    Serato 25011, ME2.4
    Vids via Network
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