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Progress on Traktor?? Possible to get it connected to ME ?

edited November 2013 in MixEmergency
I'm sick of Serato SL & I'm not thrilled that it's about to get shelved. Itch, Intro, that god awful excuse of Video-SL and now an unholy adaption called Serato DJ, WTF are they thinking?? [Well obviously targeting the younger button pushing controller posse.]

Having adopted Scratchlive in 2004, my library is extensive, and growing. Serato DJ being the "new" and seemingly only thing that has the focus of Serato Developers is growing worrisome to me. I hate to say, but I'm feeling more and more pushed to jump ship in to a John Deere Traktor. The only thing keeping me hooked to SERATO is Mix Emergency. Can we please work on cutting the umbilical chord ??



  • Unfortunately there is currently no way to have MixEmergency connect to Traktor in a way similar to how it connects to Scratch Live.
  • 6 years later and still nothing, huh

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