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MixEmergency 2.4.0 Public Beta

edited February 2014 in MixEmergency
All MixEmergency 2 users are invited to participate in testing the MixEmergency 2.4.0 public beta.

The main change in this version is official compatibility with Serato DJ.

- Officially compatible with Serato DJ.
- Fixed issues loading files with certain filepaths.
- Changed the default fader side on start-up.

If you have any issues to report, please start a new discussion.

[Edit] This is now the official release. Download it here:


  • what about support for the Pioneer DDJ SX? :)
  • This is excellent news Nick.

    So so pleased!! :D

  • Great job, Nick! Merci!
  • @DjSmoothOrl Yep - if it works with Serato DJ, it'll work with MixEmergency :)

    Thanks guys. De rien! :)
  • edited December 2013
    Awesome, Thanks Nick!!!
  • Great News!
  • Wicked! Just what we wanted to see 1.6 and ME Support!!

    Nice one Nick.
  • Great....Thanks Nick!
  • nice one nick!!! :)
  • EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • AWESOME!!!
  • yes!!! there is a god!

    "A Merry Christmas to us all; God bless us, every one!"
    Tiny Tim
  • Cool Deal.... Now if i could only get my twitter feed to work...
  • This is Awesome Nick. Stoked
  • Oh my so excited!
  • Quick question for you Nick. You said that some controllers send 14 bit MIDI messages from their faders. Does the NS7 II fall underneath that category?
  • I manually midi mapped the crossfader/volume faders on the NS7 II and they are real jittery. Am I doing something wrong?
  • Yes!!! Thank you Nick and the Inklen crew!!!
  • @djkurve Yeah, it sounds like the faders are being mapped to the wrong half of the 14 bit MIDI message.

    I can't find a reference to the MIDI mappings from the NS7II, but you could try downloading this application:

    When you run it, move the crossfader, and you'll seee 2 MIDI messages are sent. MixEmergency will be already mapped to one of these. So if you open the _AUTOSAVE.xml file in a text editor (at ~/Movies/MixEmergency/Control Mappings/) you should find an entry that refers to "XFader". At the beginning of that line it will have something like this: control="22". The number (in this case 22) should match one of the message numbers that you received in the MIDIMonitor application. You need to set this to the other number, save, and launch MixEmergency.

    Can you also let me know what that number is, and I'll add it to the instructions above.
  • @Nick Thanks for directing me to that program.

    Not really sure what 2 Midi messages I'm looking for, because there were a lot of different messages/numbers whenever I was running the program. I took the liberty of saving each file from my NS7 II using Midi Monitor.
  • Thanks - I've updated the post above with what should be the correct vaue for the crossfader. Let me know if this works for you or not.
  • I won't have my NS7 (OG) to run MidiMonitor until my next gig, but would it be safe to assume the same values for the NS7-ii is the same as the OG version?
  • I wouldn't assume that. The other option, as stated above, would be to enable, run, disable, and close Serato Video - then all the faders should be automatically mapped.
  • tried 4 hrs of the beta...solid 4 hrs set...
  • Thanks @Nick

    Btw I just got this response from Numark...

    "Yes, even the NDX800 has 14bit pitch faders. 14bit it preferred for something that value sensitive or has a 'long 'throw' where 128 values will not do the trick."
  • Yeah, definitely for the pitch faders this is a 'must' - you wouldn't have very fine control with a 128 values. It's fine for the level of precision you need for the crossfader in MixEmergency though.
  • Hey @Nick the faders are still jittery as hell. Everytime I try crossfading or raising the volume fades they are super jumpy. Not smooth at all.
  • The work-around above was just for the crossfader. Can you go into MIDI mapping mode in MixEmergency, click on the crossfader, and make sure that there is only one MIDI control mapped to the fader? I'm guessing that there are two. If so, delete the one that doesn't have Control Change number 7.
  • @Nick I went into Midi mode via ME and for the crossfader it says it's on channel 39. No idea how to change that.
  • Any chance you can do a video tutorial @Nick? This stuff is a bit confusing for me.
  • @djkurve E-mail me your _AUTOSAVE.xml file (to: and I'll have a quick look over it for you.
  • @Nick just sent it. Thanks!
  • Finally!!!!
  • Thanks again @Nick,perfect X-Mass present :-)
  • ran a test while playing a non-video gig, no issues for 6 hours, very stable beta,

    thanks owen
  • Cool - good to hear :)
  • Just a quick update: the fader issues should now be fixed in the new Serato DJ 1.6 beta.
  • Nick,

    Any chance in the future ME will fit perfectly into the SDJ layout? Like VideoSL does now?
  • Speculating on the future versions/features/changes: no comment.
  • works really well!
  • working great. thanks Nick.
  • The one thing I noticed last night: When I wanted to swap out an ambient vid manually, my cursor kept the "add" icon on the pointer til I clicked elsewhere (I'm on a mac). Nothing to do with performance but figured I would mention it.
  • I have pioneer ddm-sx, serato dj beta 1,6 and mixemergency beta 2.4.
    I have the problem that appears in this video:
    some solution?
  • I have pioneer ddm-sx, serato dj beta 1,6 and mixemergency beta 2.4.
    I have the problem that appears in this video:
    some solution?
  • ^^^^^ am having the same problem the crossfader on my ddj- sx is all over the place
  • Can you upgrade to the latest Serato DJ beta version, and then make sure that you delete the MIDI mappings in MixEmergency for the faders. This should fix it (as it is automatically mapped in the latest beta).
  • Nick i did what you suggested earlier,just starting serato video and then disabling it...ME works well with DD-SX after...automatically mapped it's self...i'm using 1.5.1...had issues with 1.5.2
  • hey Nick, I need to use Serato DJ 1.1.2 still because of the large library issue they have still. Can you give me Midi line code for the crossfader. I need to switch it back again for the smooth crossfader. Thanks!
  • Which controller are you be using?

    We'll likely only provide support for Serato DJ 1.6 and higher.
  • had issues linking faders so i activated Serato Video then deactivated and all was good was a little buggy when using browse crates, lots of hesitatation in serato decks i thought it would crash should i be using Beta serato i'm using i.5.2...?
  • Nick does recommend 1.6...i upgraded to that too...they have 2 betas...make sure you get the one released Dec 23,2013...the first one was too buggy
  • I used Serato Dj Beta 1.6 and ME 2.4 Beta last night and ran wayy better i didn't know about the Serato Beta Version... Only a couple minor issues that i think were more related to video Codec, but thanks for the info.
  • Tryng to follow but I cannot get this work, I have download Both Betas 1.6 and 2.4 ---

    From the start my faders were not operable, so I decided to download the midi monitor. When I attempted to move my crossfader, an abundance of numbers came up and I saw a 22 but I wasnt sure if it was the "RIGHT" 22. Is there an instructional video out? I tried to MIDI MAPP it but now the FADER JUMPS back and forth....I am using a Numark NS7......can someone walk me through this....I will go back and attempt follow the steps again......Tru
  • edited January 2014
    You need to unmap the faders and use the latest Serato DJ 1.6 beta.

    If the faders aren't working: are the videos able to load and play in Serato DJ and show up in MixEmergency?
  • Okay.....Commencing Unmapping......

    Yes the VIDEOS load and play, no problem but I cannot mix them.......I am only talking my X-Fader to clarify........
  • Nick --- I deleted the file located in CONTROL MAPPING. Works like a charm right now.....>Tru
  • Waiiit SCRATCH THAT its just started jumping agin......
  • When i am not playing anything --- the fader's JUMP, when the platters are not spinning....its calm?
  • Can you e-mail me the _AUTOSAVE.xml file in the Control Mappings folder?
  • Hey Nick, I'm using the Pioneer DDJ-SX Controller
  • edited January 2014
    In the file _AUTOSAVE.xml (in ~/Movies/MixEmergency/Control Mappings/):

    Change this line:

    <control channel=“6" control=“63" invert="false" controlType="ControlChange" interpretation="Analog" id="XFader"></control>

    to this:

    <control channel=“6" control=“31" invert="false" controlType="ControlChange" interpretation="Analog" id="XFader"></control>
  • When is the Next sale Nick? lot's of cash strapped fellas asking me lol
  • Well, seeing as that last sale was the only one MixEmergency has had in just over 5 years, it's not likely to be soon, hehe :)
  • Thanks Nick
  • edited January 2014
    thanks...ok i'll tell 'em to check 2018ish
  • sorry i was outta commission for a bit!! I can send it to you....Tru
  • <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

  • i dont see the rest of the i will repost:

  • edited January 2014

  • Check 1, 2
  • control channel="0" control="0" invert="false" controlType="ControlChange" interpretation="Analog" id="XFader"></control
  • I'm not sure how you've managed to map that, but it's a bit of a mess, everything is mapped to the same MIDI message...

    Close MixEmergency, delete the _AUTOSAVE.xml file, then launch MixEmergency.
  • Had a ME beta crash on Thursday. Nothing special going on as far as I can tell. Was playing on the Pioneer DDJ-SX, Serato DJ 1.1.2 and had a Novation midi controller. Serato kept playing...restarted ME and all was good for the rest of the night. If you want the crash log let me know. Also let me know where it's kept so I can send.
  • 1.1.2 isn't should be on 1.6 or at least 1.5.1
  • @jsgwiz - you can find them at either:




    Anything in those folders that begin with "MixEmergency" would be of interest.
  • nothing in those two folders that say Mix Emergency
  • Can I just confirm that you went to:


    and not:


    (~ is your user folder)
  • found it:

  • Just emailed the crash log to you...
  • Just curious if you had a chance to check out the crash log. I was wondering what made it crash
  • I'm out of the office at the moment, but have had a quick glance over it. It has crashed within QuickTime - so it's likely that it's a corrupt video, or something like this.
  • Serato DJ 1.6 Beta 3 out now,very stable and more CDJ 2000 friendly
  • I seem to have a problem running this ME beta with SDJ (1.5 AND 1.6) and a Rane 68.
    The SDJ light in ME is green and I get full vinyl control, but none of the faders work. Not out of the box anyway.
  • Do you have Serato Video installed? Can you make sure that the faders are working with this also?
  • edited January 2014
    Sorry. Had to go out. Didn't realise you'd responded so soon after my post. Yes. Just tested to see if they were working with SV since installing ME and they still are.
  • Can you post a screen shot of the Control Window of MixEmergency?
  • Sure. Gimme five
  • Wait a sec. It just started working. I'd shut down earlier and booted up again when I got back to try out Serato Video like you said and now it's working so I guess running SV had something to do with it cause it most definitely wasn't working before. Kinda like a jumpstart! Either that or it was the restart.
  • Hey TDK here... i am having problems with the beta version. all of the effects and transitions flash the entire time or if i use my midi, It only does some transitions but not all of them. I have a pioneer ddj -sx .....rane 68 and rane 62 set-up .....Numark ns7 -2 ....I use Macbook pro 2.g GHZ Intel core 17 16 gb ram...and a mac mini same specs. The random transitions work and i cant use midi on either setup....Help
  • oh yes ...I am running latest verions of ME and Serato dj beta.I normally use my Pioneer DDJ-SX as my Midi controller.
  • @djtdkdallas - it sounds as though there are some MIDI mapping conflicts with your controllers. You could try going to the MIDI window (through the Window menu) and resetting your MIDI mappings (be sure to save it first if you don't want to lost it).
  • or just activate sera to video and deactivate it...ME will learn form that
  • Ok thanks. I will try both.
  • edited February 2014
    Hey Nick, there's definitely a consistency with that issue I reported before.

    I'm finding I'm having to launch Serato Video to get ME to activate the cross fader. And of course, you can't quit SV without actually quitting Serato or SV just fires up again (just like with ME's mix launch but one you can't choose to turn off).

    And even then, after relaunching Serato, sometimes ME 'forgets' itself and you have to repeat the process over and over until it 'remembers'.

    So far I've only tried it with the 68; I've got a few other units I could try it with but haven't had the time yet.
  • If you're using an older verions of Serato DJ, or the first beta (i.e. not the current beta of 1.6), then this is what you'll need to do. Otherwise, it'll automatically do it (without having to switch on and off Serato Video).

    If you want to shut down Serato Video, I think you'll need to disable it in the plug-ins tab of the Setup screen.
  • So now that the official release of Serato DJ 1.6 is out does that mean we'll soon see an official release for ME 2.4.0?
  • Any day now…
  • Yep. Can't say the exact date though, but it's unlikely that anything will change from the beta that you're using currently.
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