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Another hidden feature....

edited August 2010 in MixEmergency
There's a new hidden feature in MixEmergency 1.5. If you use the previous hidden feature (the DV input stream) then you might be interested in it. If so, send me an e-mail to with the subject "hidden feature" from the address that you registered MixEmergency with and I'll send you more details.


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    haha what the DV input stream?
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    The thread about that is over here:

    It's basically a file that you load in MixEmergency that allows you to use a digital-video input on one of the channels (such as Firewire handycam, or USB webcam).
  • BigBig
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    I was told in the VSL forurm that there is a DV input stream that allows you to scratch the live camera views as it has some sort of buffer is this true. The DV input is very nice and works like a champ..
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    Yep - send me an e-mail (as stated above) and I'll send you details.
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    can you use something like this to grab input from anything?
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    I would guess that that would work. There was a MixEmergency user who was supposed to be trying this out some months ago, but he hasn't replied to let me know if it was working well for him.
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