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Suggestion: A/B buttons

edited October 2014 in MixEmergency
Hi Nick,

Congrats and thanks as always for your brilliant software. I'm now running it alongside Serato DJ from my Rane 62 and it has never, ever let me down over 3.5 years of performance.

I have a request/suggestion: when I'm mixing I often want to "park" mix emergency on one of the decks and do some mixing or scratching without effecting the visuals. To make this happen in the middle of a mix is tricky, (i use a hacked launchpad as my midi controller, all these are midi commands, I don't touch my laptop while performing) I have to unlink the crossfader, then i have to hit the autofade control, then work out which deck it is sending it to, and sometimes hit it again to send it to the correct side. I guess if i had a midi controller with a slider i could map a slider to the fader, the best solution was actually on the rane 57 when i could use the cue slider as a vision mixer.

What I'm proposing is two more midi-mappable buttons, A and B, that allow you to mix between the decks. Resolume has this feature and it's simple but it works. i just want some way of mixing two videos with buttons, when it have it linked to crossfader isn't ideal. and automix isn't as precise as i would like.


tom (hotdubtimemachine)


  • Thanks for the suggestion. Technically it's possible to fade to the A/B channel with a button - but unfortunately that feature isn't easily mappable (it was previously hidden, and right now requires manual editing of the MIDI mapping file - which isn't ideal).
  • if you dont use a micrphone, you could map the unlink/link button to the mic engage button and the crossfader to the mic volume knob on the sixty two.
  • Thanks nick. Any chance you could give me the details on how to edit the midi file to get this to happen? It would make my day if I could get it working...

    And the mike channel gain idea is a good one, thanks Karl.
  • The easiest way to map the "Cut To A/B" hidden functionality is to:

    1) Launch MixEmergency
    2) Open the control Window, and go to the Transport View for the left and right channels
    3) Go into MIDI mapping mode
    4) Map the left Eject button to the control you want to use to switch to the left side, and the right Eject button to the control that you want to use to switch to the right side
    5) Quit MixEmergency
    6) Open the following file in a text editor:

    ~/Movies/MixEmergency/Control Mappings/_AUTOSAVE.xml

    7) Search for the strings “EjectA” and “EjectB” - change these to “CutToA” and “CutToB”
    8) Save the file and launch MixEmergency again
  • just wanted to say thanks for this. i've incorporated it into my set up and it's working really well.
  • Cool - great to hear :)
  • Hey Nick,

    I can't cut the CutToA thing working anymore. Any ideas?



  • This isn't possible at the moment (the hidden feature was removed due to some performance optimisations). It's still possible to modify the MIDI XML file in ~/Movies/MixEmergency/Control Mappings/ to add these, though it's not user-friendly.

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