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Can you fix the interface PLEASE?!?!

edited August 2010 in Tonetable
I love this product! It works great! Except for 1 small thing...

When you're in "pitch mode" the play button is gone! Can we get one on that page too? It's a pain not having it.

Also, it's not as big a deal to me, but something causes the track to go into internal mode in SSL. I'm not sure if it's your timecode or just a random event as it happens only rarely.


DJ Tripp


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    Yeah, we've had a few requests to keep the play button shown at all time. Will look into it for the next version.

    As far as going into internal mode, I've never heard or seen of that before. We don't output any "timecode" from Tonetable - just a simple signal that allows the tracking of backward/forward movement - so I'm not sure how this would occur. How many times have you had this happen to you?
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    As far as dropping into INT mode in Serato, It happens at least once or twice a gig. It is strange, but It's not a huge problem.

    Yeah, as far as the play button goes, my suggestion would be to drop the resize button for the records and put that in an option scree. I have hit that during a set...lemme tell ya, it's a bad button to hit on accident, much rather have play at all times so I don't have to switch screens every time.


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    Ok, as far as I can tell, the ABS to INT mode happens when I let Tonetable continue to play while I search for a track. I think the problem is that the time code being broadcast goes into an area that maybe acts like the end of the track on the vinyl.

    So if it goes on for 10 minutes or so, it seems to jump into internal mode in SSL. I have no other explanation, and it did this with both decks during a big set the other night.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions.

    Also, how's that play button comin along?

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    Thanks - I'll have another look into it and see if I can find anything.
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    Does it also occur if you use the REL mode of Scratch Live?

    I suspect what might be happening is that Scratch Live probably has an idea of the current point on the record.... and in ABS mode I would assume that it reaches 10 minutes and decides that it has hit the track selection section.
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    It happens in REL too. It sounds like what you said is right. The tone may just trigger something at 10 min.
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    I've managed to get Scratch Live doing it too after 15 minutes. I think that internally Scratch Live probably thinks it has hit the end of the record (I think side B has 15 minutes of vinyl) and so switches into the track-end-safety-mode (whatever it's called). It seems to be fine after switching back to REL mode though.

    So, either SL would need to change to fix this bug, or perhaps we could add support for the loading of control tone files with timecode on them - though this would mean that you'd have to restart or loop the control tone file within Tonetable.
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