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Platter Manipulation

edited September 2010 in Tonetable
Have been using Tonetable ok on my iPhone (interface is small enough to only use one finger) but recently got an iPad and noticed that if I hold or drag the platter with one finger, apply a second finger to the platter and release the first finger, the platter will spin instead of responding to the second finger.

Will this be changed in future releases so that it would emulate the vinyl better?


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    Hey alsuser,

    That's an interesting suggestion - right now the main platter in Tonetable is not set up to accept multi-touch input. I'll make a note and look into it when I get the chance.
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    Multi touch would be great. IMO single touch to the platter nudges the record like pitch bend to lock bpm. Currently nudging the platter advances the record tooooo much.

    Two or more finger touch response as usual.
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    Perhaps we could have some system where any touches on the vinyl are for scratching, and then have some extra controls if you touch the label area? So in the label you could nugde or pitch bend using multi-touch gestures.
  • VjGVjG
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    I miss the large PLAY and CUE buttons with the pioneers, it is possible that future versions will put some similar?
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    It's something that we could look at - although a CUE button wouldn't be possible.
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