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mixEmergency and Yosemite

edited November 2014 in MixEmergency
I am finding that i am running into a lot of issue with the 2.7.1 and the latest SDJ running on yosemite.

Are you working on some upgrades for this to work?


  • What problems are you having with MixEmergency specifically?
  • Sdj and mixEmergency are not talking properly together. midi is speratic and doesn't seem to work unless i go back to SSL 2.5. Freezing video's, choppy and crashes.
  • If you're switching between Serato DJ and Scratch Live, make sure that you've restarted your computer recently - as there are some issues with older versions.

    Everything is working fine when you use Scratch Live? (i.e. no problems with the videos, etc)
  • Recently changed to YOSEMITE and I'm working with SERATO DJ and ME 2.7.1 and I had several problems

    1. ME changed constantly to SERATO DJ
    2. the sound is out of phase with the video
    3. There were several times as pauses both audio and video

    so are video works tonight.
  • I don't understand the first point "ME changed constantly to SERATO DJ".

    As for the sound and video out of sync - does this only happen when you're using an external monitor? And do you have Delay Compensation enabled in the Advanced section of MixEmergency's Preferences?
  • in the upper right part of the program where you select or SERATODJ ME / LIVE SCRATSH was changed from one to another until he was selected in ME and stays red dot.
  • It should be set to "Serato DJ / Scratch Live".

    If the dot is red, and Serato DJ or Scratch Live is running, try restarting your computer, starting Serato DJ (or Scratch Live), and then starting MixEmergency.
  • Unfortunately I could not do because my night is long and I could not put to music but chooses to return to the Mavericks OSX install newer versions of Serato DJ ME and hope and not any trouble ....... thank respond pro to my posts
  • edited November 2014
    Hey Nick,
    the works so far all good. I have found only one problem.

    When I click the pin, the video stops short. I have very often used by ME always hide. See video: 22.11.14 09 35

    Also, I have a few GUI error. These are not bad, but wanted to mention it only. at Nov. 22 09-49-18.png?dl=0

    By the way.. my spec..

    MBP 15'' Early 2011
    2 GHz Intel Core i7
    8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    AMD Radeon HD 6490M 256 MB

    OS X Yosemite 10.10.1
    Serato DJ 1.7.2 (Beta)
    Mix Emergency 1.7.1

    I have Yosemite clean install on my MBP.
  • As for the GUI errors - I'm not sure why you have arrows pointing to the MIDI and Control window buttons. These are in the correct place, and they look to be fine (the green dot to the right indicates that everything is connected correctly). The positioning of the button with 3 squares is in the correct place too (you'll notice if you go into the mult-window mode that 3 other buttons will appear to the left of this button).
  • I'm not sure why the video is pausing when you click the pin - that's a little odd, though it may be that the operating system is blocking drawing in MixEmergency at this time while it changes the state of all the windows.
  • I am only surprised why is on the home page of the "MIDI" button below the list box . Therefore thought that it is a mistake. at Jan. 06 23-42-56.png?dl=0

    The one with the other fields makes sense.

    Were you able to find out why the video stops momentarily when I click the pin?
  • No, not yet.

    The screenshot on the main web page is of a version of MixEmergency before 2.7 - I'll have to update that sometime.
  • The issue I'm having is the media bank not loading the quartz images I have stored when playing a track with no video attached. Also when I try and reload my quartz images and select to show the thumbnails mix emergency crashes. Very frustrating especially when playing at a club. It just shows a black screen with my text scrolling across. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  • Can you load them one at a time? (i.e. by clicking on them in the media bank)
  • no they do not load. I did notice they appear to work as long as I don't show them as thumbnails. As soon as I change them to thumbnails, the app crashes. I'm running a new MacBook pro with a 500GB SSD drive and 16GB of memory. More than enough power to handle this.
  • If they're not loading, perhaps you moved them? I would make sure that you can load each of them before you try to make thumbnails. Try to remove the ones that won't load from the Media Bank.
  • I have deleted all of them from the media bank and even reloaded each one individually and then convert them to thumbnails. They are in the same place on my hard drive and have not been moved. After mixemergency crashes it starts back up and the thumbnails I deleted from the bank before all appear back. They still don't work. Music videos play with no problem, its just the quartz compositions in the media bank that don't work properly.
  • Can you please e-mail me the crash log? to:
  • Hi I'm currently using ME 3.0.2 with my Mac retina i7 15inch under Yosemite and I'm having a problem. My ME connects well with my Serato but the videos are pulsating or to make it easy to understand, its output are having shadows and it pulsate. Help me with this issue please
  • It sounds as though it's just the Mixer FX feature.

    First of all, I would suggest updating to version 3.1.1, as this has a number of bug fixes since 3.0.2 was released.

    To disable the Mixer FX:

    1) In the menubar, select Window, then Mixer FX (this will open the Mixer FX window)
    2) On the Mixer FX window, disable all of the pink and yellow buttons
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