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Choppy Sounding when cutting up

edited September 2010 in Tonetable
I don't understand why its not so accurate when I run my sl3 with ipad tonetable. Tonetable app by itself sounds fine. My Latency setting is set to the lowest on sl3, I was running it as a Line input on my mixer don't know if that has anything to do with it or even the setting on the graph that shows the green circle. I'm not sure if that is setup correctly although I do see a pretty much perfect green circle...I do have it set correctly as far as 1khz & the 33rpms so again it works, but just when I'm cutting up it sounds a little laggy? Any help would be great!


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    There will always be a small amount of latency when using Tonetable.

    This is due to two factors:

    1) There is a small amount of latency introduced by the audio system of the iPad
    2) There is a small amount of latency introduced by the touch system itself (for example, if you turn on your iPad, and "scratch" your finger over the "slide to unlock" slider, then you will notice that the slider runs slightly behind where your finger is)

    One other thing to check is that Tonetable is not causing your scope circles to distort when scratching.
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