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Multiple Screens

edited May 2015 in MixEmergency
Scored a part time residency at a lounge with multiple screens of different sizes and models. Some HD TV, 2 Projectors, mulitple Non HD Screens too. They are all connected to each other. All showing same images/video.

How does ME handle this situation especially with border fills?

Is there a limit to number of screens to connect to one Macbook pro?

I've got the 2014 MBP with 2gig Video Card.

Will there be performance issues?


  • MixEmergency will only output to one of the screens at the moment - so it will set it's output to whatever it is is connecting to and distributing the signal to all of these screens.
  • Hi Nick,
    So the first screen will determine how the rest get images?
  • Yeah, or whatever it is that you plug into. It will determine the dimensions (and therefore, aspect ratio). Of course, you can override this, somewhat, with the Advanced Output section of MixEmergency.
  • Macbook Pro Retina models can connect to several screens as you have 2 thunderbolt and one HDMI outputs so thats 3 external screens maximum.

    You can mirror all external screens by holding ALT and dragging them ontop of eachother in the display settings of your OS preferences
    They will all be treated to have the same resolution and will act like one external screen for all apps, inlcuding Mix Emergency.

    The only option if you need individual screen resolutions is to Syphon out of Mix Emergency into something like Madmapper, then you can configure whatever you need inside MadMapper
  • @radikarl that will be way too much for my brain to handle.

    The plan is to go from macbook HDMI to the main projector, all the other screens receive input from that particular unit.

    One other question, does multiple screen affect performance of the serato dj + me3

  • Did this ever get resolved? I am in the same situation.. Can I not have 3 projectors, 3 TV's, or a combination of both, with ME?
  • Bump. How well does your system handle madmapper while running ME and SDJ?
  • I've been using 2 MBPs linked with firewire and ethernet (won't work without both for some reason) with ME to map 2 different screens. It would be much easier if i could just map each screen with ME on one machine. #featurerequest Maybe a few of us can chip in to pay for Nick's time?? I'll throw a few bands at this project if necessary!!
  • I am just starting a new setup from scratch but I need 3 screens.. was hoping to go projector.. but might have to go with TV's if ME won't allow this..
  • The problem is when you connect to outputs with differing aspect ratios - one will be stretched (e.g. 4:3 and 16:9).
  • Sorry to steal this thread.. but Nick.. if I have a projector coming out of my mac and the output is going to the projector.. can I run some cables from the projector to 2 TV's and will this work? Hoping to have the same videos/images on all 3 screens at once.. I need a setup with 3 TV's or screens.. can I do this with ME?
  • Would a splitter work for what I want to do??
  • Yeah, you would need some sort of video splitter/distribution amplifier. I haven't used these myself, and can't specifically recommend any models, but they are used by a lot of MixEmergency users.
  • perfect = thank you!
  • Would that be a Video Matrix of some sort. One of my venues has something like that. I connect to that Unit via HDMI over Lan. That box splits to the various screens they have.

    They have a full video wall, projectors, tvs etc

  • Marv is correct. A Video Matrix Switch will manage the sources and the routing to the outputs. The switch also handles and downsampling for all the HDCP hand shakes. Your venue will need this for all the screens/projectors to work in unison. On your side of things you will most likely have an valum extender over Ethernet.
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