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Cannot get any software to recognize tones

edited October 2010 in Tonetable
Hey, likely a n00b question and problem here. I'm very experienced with software like Ableton Live and Logic, but am new to the VDJ style software and am trying to get Tonetable to work with anything. I downloaded the Virtual DJ trial and am trying to get this thing set up correctly. I have Tonetable running with the iPad output going into my macbook line-in, system pref can see the tone coming in. In VDJ, I have the settings on "Single timecode" and "Other - realative mode only" but i cannot move the decks with the Tonetable app. I feel like somehow VDJ isn't seeing the tone, I've tried using my Tascam US-122 to get this to work as well but same problem. In the "timecode settings" window, all i see is the black and green grid, I figure I should see something there that shows me the tone is getting through. Help!


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    To be honest, I'm not too familiar with setting up audio through VirtualDJ.

    I have a feeling that you might not be able to use the line-in to achieve this (i.e. you may need a four-channel audio card).

    I would recommend asking or searching on the VirtualDJ forums. If you can find instructions on setting up a CDJ or similar through the line-in port, then you should be able to use Tonetable.
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