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Text Options Not Working ??

edited December 2008 in MixEmergency
I just purchased y copy and was messing around with the text options. fonts, sizes, ext.

I was able to change the fonts but I wasn't able to reduce the size or include a drop shadow as it showed in the options. Am I doing something wrong or is this not working properly?


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    Currently the font size and drop shadow on the standard Mac OS X font selection panel are unsupported. To change the size of the font you should instead use the Height slider on the Text Overlay window:

    I'm not sure if we will be able to implement drop shadows, but I have made a note to look into it further.
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    Awesome, that worked decently. Looking forward to using it for the first time tonight :-)
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    Cool. Let us know how it goes.
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    Used it last night for the first time. Did have some issues. I will bring that up on a separate thread. Still, if the "issues" can be fixed, it was the perfect program for what I needed :-)
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    hey nick.. i was wondering in future releases if u could add soemthing to where we(the dj) can preview what the font/position/color will look like... n then were ready hit another button to throw it on the screen where everyone can see it.. u follow ??

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    There are some changes that are planned for the text overlay area, but these changes have no fixed time-frame yet (i.e. they could be in 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, etc depending on what other more important fixes and features need implementing). So, when these changes to the text overlay area are made this will be taken into consideration.
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    oh.. and if u could have the scrolling going up and down instead of just sideways, that would be greatly appreciated! thnx again! oh an if possible.. maybe some kind of vibration or earthquake effect would be super cool as well :)

    thnx for listening and im def diggin ME, i just hope u guys ALWAYS stay 2 steps ahead of vsl.
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    makes me n others feel better about spending the xtra money on ME
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    So, some sort of text effect option.

    I'll think about it :)
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    yeah.. im def down with that, i used text thingy tonight for some females birthdays, so it was nice!
    and as far as texting efx.. like a rolling credit from a movie and hopefully down the road some kind of preview :) sorry for being picky..
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    i like the efx from the pioneer svm that has the letters shooting into the middle of the screen.
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    I've never seen that effect before. Do you know of any online video examples of that effect?
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    some fx are here:

    i believe the effect i was talking about is around 4:32

    they got some other cool text stuff around the 4:05 mark as well
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    Cool - thanks for the link.
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    i think every thing i seen in the video is definately the way to go for texting in mix emergency!!!! liek thats the fuckin shit! SERIOSULY!!! thnx skinnyguy!
  • Hi,
    sorry to bring back to life this old thread.
    i was wondering if there is a way to make some contour (or stroke as it is called in photoshop) for the text?
  • I've looked into adding text effects before, but it hasn't made it into the product so far.
  • Try playing around with fonts. I use phosphate and it looks very good.

  • Hey Nick. Itʻs been a while. I know you havenʻt added any text fx yet, but what if you allowed another layer of text? We can kinda make a fake shadow with it just by changing color, size, opacity, position...

  • Yeah. I'm hoping to eventually have a more customisable overlay section, but it's a larger job to get this done.

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