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Link audio with video

edited August 2015 in MixEmergency

I've just recently purchased ME and noticed the feature in the advanced preferences: "When an unlinked audio file is loaded - Load media from media bank"

When I select this option, ME ignores all music -> video associations and plays a random clip from the media bank.

Does this happen for everyone? I essentially want to link certain tracks to certain videos (that aren't music videos), and for the rest to randomly select from the bank.. is this possible?

Thanks in advance for the replies.


  • It shouldn't ignore the linked files, but unfortunately there are still some compatibility issues with this feature between Serato DJ and several versions of Scratch Live. I think I'm going to have to rewrite this to either check the version number, or to only support the latest versions.
  • Thanks for the reply, Nick.

    Yes, all other options for external control work as expected. If I choose to "do nothing", the track maintains it's link. It pretty much does this for all options but "load media from media bank" .. You can immediately see it uncheck once that option is selected.
  • What type of files are your audio files? MP3, M4A, Wave, etc?
  • I know this is a very old thread, wondering if any progress has been made on this issue. I found a bug with this tonight!

  • No, it hasn't changed yet. I should bump this up the priority list. Feel free to email through the issue:

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