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Problems with Torq

edited October 2010 in Tonetable

I just got the app and tested it out with Torq. Unfortunately Torq keeps becoming non-responsive to the signal coming from Tonetable during heavy platter manipulation. Sometimes it will start working again if I keep messing with the platter for a good minute, but as of now this app is nowhere near usable condition (with torq).

I experience no problem when using the timecoded vinyl on an actual turntable so I believe there is something wrong with the signal coming from Tonetable. Anyone else experience this? Any ideas for a fix?



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    by the way i'm using Torq 1.5
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    Hi, I'm not familiar with exactly how you set up control signal controllers with Torq, but I know that there are a bunch of Tonetable users using it.

    Is it becoming unresponsive every time you perform "heavy platter manipulation"?
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    Yes, this has happened almost every time so far. And by heavy platter manipulation I mean basic scratching movements. I can try to provide a video showing the problem if you are interested.
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    Yeah, a video of your setup might be good to see (showing your signal path between Tonetable and your computer, and the settings on your setup screen too).

    The best place to ask advice about the setup of Torq would probably be on the Torq forums though - as they will know a lot more about the specifics of getting it set up correctly.
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    Ok, I will try and get a video up in the next week or so.
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    i have it with torq 1.5 as well...i have to rotate the 1/8 jack for a minute to have the card pick up the signal. also do you have the set up under vinyl?

    and i have it set at -10,
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