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mix emergency recording

edited October 2015 in MixEmergency
i am using a pioneer ddi sz controller,sera to dj 1.7 and mix emergency 2.7.Problem is i cannot record audio direct from the ddi sz,after i select audio ddx sz threes no signal on the volume bar in the record panel on mix emergency.Anyone having the same problem.please advice


  • You'll likely have to change the channels (they default to channel 1 & 2) in the MixEmergency Recording window.
  • its channel 1&2 bt still wount record
  • Are there any other channels that are available?
  • I had the same issue but I fixed it. You need to change to channel 9 & 10 in the recording ME window
  • I have A DDJ SZ as well. I can get the audio to work just fine. It's just getting the audio to work with Syphon Recording. Syphon doesn't give the option to choose Channel 9&10. Ran through all the channels to get audio. Just can't get it to record while recording the Video Mix.
  • if anyone has fixed this issue lemme know. im gonna try all the channels now and see what happens

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