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Mix Emergency Output Image Looks Like Night Vision On Big Screens W Projectors

edited December 2015 in MixEmergency
Hi. When I VJ at venues with large projectors and screens the video output almost looks like night vision with a side ways Face book sideways French flag streak or overlay effect. The out put displays fine at home on a flat screen or my small mini projector. What is the likely cause and how can I fix it. I am using the latest Serato DJ with a Pioneer DDJ SX controller on a mid 2012 Mac Book pro with a Nvidia Video card.


  • Hi - I've replied to your e-mail.
  • @nick. I'm having the same issue with the projector flickering.
  • The fix for his particular issue was to disable the Mixer FX feature in MixEmergency. To do this: go to the Window menu at the top of the screen when MixEmergency is running, then select Mixer FX. On the window that opens, disable all the pink and yellow buttons
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