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OpenGL FBO Toolkit

edited December 2015 in MixEmergency
MixEmergency has always worked fine on my system until i upgraded. I keep getting these report during export. Is there a known solution for this yet??

'openGL framebuffer unsupported! choose different format'

Thanks in advance


  • Are you using any custom Quartz Compositions? (perhaps transitions or effects?)

    What version of MixEmergency are you using?
  • Was having the same problem last night, didn't think it might have been due to a composition. I had one loaded up that was running a countdown that I grabbed from a Facebook group.
  • What version of MixEmergency are you using when this occurs?
  • I'm running 2.something. I didn't really see a pressing need to upgrade because I've _never_ had an issue until now. Also running the latest Yosemite on a mid-2012 w/i7 and 1 gig VRAM, and SSL 2.5
  • Still seems like I'm having the same prob, even with deleting what I thought might be the offending QTZ. Just running without SSL and going back and forth with the fader a few times locked it up. FYI this is 2.7.0

    Is there an easy way to trash everything and start from scratch without deleting?
  • Try 2.7.1.

    Which transition are you using?
  • Will do. I might have licked the problem by getting rid of all qtz's in the media bank. I'm just using random stock transitions.
  • Sorry for the late response and thanks for your reaction as well. I'm running the latest version of ME after upgrade 3.2. Still no luck with export 3 weeks later.

    Pls help!!!
  • Did you use any Quartz Compositions in your mix?
  • No i didn't, tried exporting 3X again last night with no luck.
  • Could it be an issue with Serato DJ? I never had this problem recording with SL.
  • edited January 2016
    How long is your recording?
  • And what export settings are you using?
  • edited January 2016
    Hi Nick,

    Recording 1:29:00

    Export settings:
    Overlays: All enabled
    Dimensions: 1280 x 720
    Preset:Best Quality Fast Encode
    Export: Movie to MPEG-4.

  • Does it fail if you only export a short segment (perhaps 20 minutes)?
  • Not really sure about that but can do a test run tomorrow. Will let you know what the outcome of it is.
  • I am having same problem here. Recording is over an hour. Could that be an issue..? I did a 5min trial video to check the render quality of my work it although there was no sound, image quality was mint. Any suggestions with this OpenGL issue please..?

  • I've replied to your support email.

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