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Mixemergency for Windiws

edited February 2016 in MixEmergency
I realize from looking at your boards from years ago, there was no windows version
on the forefront. Is this still the case?


  • Hi,
    I realize from looking at your boards from years ago, there was no windows version
    on the forefront. Is this still the case?
  • Yes, that's correct - there are no plans for this at the moment.
  • I got into a huge fight with the geeks at Microcenter today who kept insisting there was an alternative to using ME because they "have buddies who do production that probably know some DJs" and that makes them an authority.
    My issue was finding a firewire enclosure. "Firewire is a legacy product. You need to upgrade" is what they said as they laughed at me but the truth is Apple is decontenting and screwing us over!!! 2 USBs was ridiculous to me in the first place. My last Windows notebook had 4!
    The only reason i continue to support Apple is for ME.
    Nick I am begging you to reconsider this. What are we supposed to do? All Apple thinks about is making things thinner. With my video library continuing to grow idk what to do moving forward.
  • I was told there is a Windows version of ME by someone who claims to have talked to you about it Nick.

    He also said you would never release it for some reason.

    I'm sure if you search the VDJ General forum you'll find it......

  • I have a friend that bought a new macbook and cant DJ with it because it has El Capitain which doesnt support Serato for some reason and he cant install a previous OS on it. Several other friends are having this issue with Pro Tools and El Capitain. They just seem really clueless.
  • There are a number of reasons that I won't be putting out a version for Windows in the near future, sorry.
  • It's Gonna get more messy for us Mac users down the line. Read somewhere that the new MacBooks will come with USB C and I'm sure they will shrink SSD further as they will probably assume we all store files in the cloud.

    Seriously though the newer windows laptops are getting harder to ignore.

    Imagine using one of those gaming machines with massive video cards and numerous USB ports running ME and Serato,.
  • I'm sorry i keep ranting about this but i really should have bought another mbp in 2012. The decontenting is unreal. the only reason i use mac is for ME.
    I cant fit a normal sized laptop hdd in the new mbp, there is no optical drive to remove to install a second internal hdd, no firewire which i know is old but it works for me, there are only 2 usb's, all they think about is making it
  • yep! you need to get those 2012 macbook pro's while you can. I have 2, I am thinking of purchasing a third. I have a 2tb hard drive installed in my optibay. It's killer a combo.
  • nice to see u again culprit bro! its been a while since scratchlive forum..:)
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