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Re-setting Decks

edited November 2010 in Tonetable
I have to say that the app is genius.
And I might be coming along to the party a bit late but could you help with one thing.
If you want to change the track when you are only part way through it appears that Serato seems to keep tabs of where the track should be and the new song plays from the point the first song had got to.
Is there a way of setting the track back to the beginning without spinning all the way to the start?
I have tried switching modes in Serato and resetting the track but it has no effect as soon as you go back to ABS mode.
Please help


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    If you're using Tonetable then you should probably keep it in REL mode instead of ABS mode. In REL mode you can enable the "Play from start" option in the "Playback" tab of Scratch Live's SETUP screen (which will always put the play-head at the start of a track when you load it).
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    Thanks Nick, sorted
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