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Tonetable query

edited March 2016 in Tonetable
Hi guys,

I'm trying to get tonetable working with a ms pinky based patch I made in M4L originally - so far the closest I've got to the patch and tonetable responding is that the audio play head plays through forward but not back (it does however stop when I halt the platter on the tonetable app)
My question is regarding compatibility and setup - is the tonetable control frequency compatible with ms pinky? (I have tried all the frequency settings on the app, including 2k) I don't know what the pinky carrier frequency is for their timecode vinyls unfortunately (and all their online forums are unresponsive because I think the company isn't in operation so much these days)

My second part of this question is perhaps it is an error in my physical setup - I'm running the iPad to my interface via a mini stereo jack to 1/4 stereo Jack (singular 1/4 not dual split) is there an optimum lead to read signals?

I realise that vst ScratchTrack works with tonetable and ableton but that doesn't carry the options I have in this pinky patch.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly apppreciated!

Many thanks


  • Hi Phil,

    I can't say that I've tried it with Ms Pinky, and have no idea what frequency it uses.

    With regards to the playback problems, your lead sounds like it is fine, though I would check that you don't have your iPad set up to play back mono audio (there is an option somewhere in one of the audio settings of the iOS settings).
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