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Midi Controller Choices

edited March 2016 in MixEmergency
Wondering what midi controller most people use for Mix Emergency. Looking at getting the Akai APC Mini. Basically to trigger effects and presets bank. It has some faders which will be useful for Wet/Dry mapping. Any thoughts?


  • Returned the APC mini and got a Numark orbit. Will map and see how it works.
  • I use an Launch pad pro or an apc 40.
  • Now using the Numark Orbit. It is definitely a good choice. €50 online.
    Map easily, and with a very good editor.

    You can change the color of the pads and they are are good size for quick access.

    @nick is there a button to stop all effects using the FX Presets Bank.

    Say I trigger an FX via the FX Preset bank or FX Sequencer, is there a button I can map to stop the FX at once?

  • For the FX Presets, it's best just to trigger and Empty FX Preset to turn it off - otherwise, you can map a button to the Wet/Dry Mix control which will toggle it between 0% and 100% (which you can also do for the FX Sequencer).
  • @Nick

    I have a Rane 62 which is not mapped (to the ME) but lately i ve observed that when i start ME and Serato DJ, it triggers some FX presets/ Sequencer from launching ME. So i will go ahead and use my mouse to deactivate the FX Presets and also change the channel FX to none (for some strange reason its always the Kaleidoscope FX activated for both channels), then i start playing my set, further down the line this disabled Kaleidoscope FX gets reactivated.

    I have tried pushing all the buttons on my Mixer to see which one is sending the message but no joy.

    I have tried resetting midi in ME by going into the Midi set up but i'm still getting the FX triggered.

    Kindly advise


  • I highly recommend Allen & Heath Xone K1 or K2. Plenty of knobs, sliders and buttons which all come handy with MixEmergency. They also have a layering option, which affectively triples your number of physical controls.
  • Perhaps you can try disabling most of the inputs in MixEmergency (on the MIDI window)?
  • @Nick is it normal behavior for ME to launch with the last use state.
    Is It possible to deactivate this?
  • Yes, MixEmergency should save state between launches (MIDI mappings, window position, etc).
  • My works after I disable inputs in MixEmergency, Thanks a lot

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