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Please Help with GoPro!

edited May 2016 in MixEmergency
Hello Fellow Dj's
I really need some help on how to use the Gopro Hero 4 Silver to show the dance floor when I'm Djing. I will place the GoPro on my DJ table to monitor the dance floor. I'm using a MacBook Pro and a projector with a projector screen to display my music videos. I also bought a micro hdmi cord for the GoPro but I'm using the thunderbolt hdmi to the projector for the Serato Videos. Please let me know which third party software to use and what other hardware do I need. I would really appreciate any feedback.


  • You can't easily use the GoPro cameras with MixEmergency, as they don't support this type of streaming to QuickTime.
  • I understand and thank you. What setup do you recommend to record the dance floor. I'm guessing a external camera but I really don't know which software.
  • It depends what you're after. A lot of people are using streaming video apps via their iPhones, which means that the camera can be carried around as well (even if the quality isn't amazing, and there can be a slight lag).
  • Ok, I wanna try something else now besides using the GoPro. I wanna try using a external webcam to live stream on to the dance floor. Can someone please advise me on which software and which external webcam is the best solution. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  • HD Pro webcam C920 by logitech it works within mix emergency sells for 67.00 on Amazon thanks and you are welcome....
  • I used the Git2 action camera by GitUp Action and it works flawlessly in MixEmergency via PC Camera mode.

    It shows up as a Git2 in the list along with the internal webcam.

  • djquartz:

    will it detect? no drivers needed for mac?
  • good thing i tried my old sports cam and actually it works as long as you plug in a usb..:) i just need a longer usb cable for this..dry run on friday
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