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Blue Sky Request: Transition Sequencer

I've been mapping various transitions to individual pads on my APC40 which has allowed me to cycle through transitions whilst in longer mixes. When playing back the recordings, the effect looks even better than I thought it would.

It'd be great to be able to do this automatically somehow, like with a transition sequencer. All that would need to be done is giving us the option of choosing Transition FX or Channel FX when deciding what FX to use for the sequencer.


  • :) You're not the first to suggest this. It can look really cool to have a lot of movement (especially on the beat) when transitioning videos. I'll have to have a think about this (and I wonder how many people would actually take advantage of something like this).
  • Me ! I would take a HUGE advantage of this. Keep up with the good work Nick. ME rocks !!!!!!!
  • yeh you could have it like the FX sequencer, you choose what transitions you want in the left hand side. then activate the boxes you want it to do that transition for over the 16 boxes
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