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edited June 2016 in MixEmergency
Whats the fastest or the best way to export videos. I recorded about a 30 min video mix and its taking an hour to export it. I use 640x480 (4:3) 320 x 240 fit mix(default) text image quartz are all checked box.Preset is custom. Exported to quicktime movie. Apple 2.5ghz intel core i5. 16gb amd raedeon 6750 512 mb. thanks.


  • 1 hr 42 mins to export. 30 min mix.
  • Did you use one of the "Fast encode" Presets?
  • Still no GPU encoding ? New macbook have again improved to decode/encode 4K contents faster (Doing it with only CPU would take ages and with no visual benefit of quality)....please we are in late 2016 don't act like Serato Video which seems to be unaware of any technology's nonsense not taking advantage of GPU to handle H264/H265 decoding/encoding as they latest chips are designed especially for it. ME is the ONLY reason i'm still on Mac
  • It's not that we're not aware of GPU encoding. I think I have explained before that this feature is not instantly accessible, and would require a lot of work to add to MixEmergency. And, not only a lot of work, but would result in MixEmergency being unavailable for use on some of the older macOS versions that we're still supporting.
  • Ok i got as i understand we won't see that feature before a long time.........too bad to stay in the past because of old laptops........It should have been like it is for ALL other video softwares that i know, an option.........would have been nice have the possibility to just be able to choose between CPU encoding or GPU encoding.......yes it requires work but ME is a videomix IMO, in my humble opinion, in late 2016 with 2017 approaching, GPU encoding/decoding is just a standard ! Still encoding with CPU for videos that rarely go beyond 5000 kbit/s (in our case for VJs) is like still working on a 32 bits OS (limited to 4 gb of RAM) with a 16 Gb computer............It's too bad neither Serato nor Inklen want to do any additionnal job in the GPU support........The good thing is that we can still record screen without lag thanks to macbook starting from 2013 and even in 1080p.......i talked to Serato about GPU hardware acceleration to end all the lags problem in 2012.......4 years later they never updated their soft and didn't do anything......The worst was to see people defending them pretending CPU encoding/decoding was was......but again as VJ we are working with low bitrate video (compare to HD movies / the professional vj pools are around 5000 kbit/s even for 1080p videos) and even when the quality is maxed it's almost impossible to tell difference in quality between CPU and GPU encoding. Peyople have been complaining for ages about lags and they never wanted to understand what GPU hardware acceleration was designed for that purpose !!! Anyway i guess i'll have to stay with my frustration for a long time........Too bad i'm not a developer.....
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