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edited July 2016 in MixEmergency
With the launch of the new pioneer video plug in, are there any updates on when the next iteration of Mix Emergency might be coming to keep one step ahead?


  • ME isn't even behind, lmmfao!!

    If you own Rekordbox Video then please try to load a mpg file on one of the decks and do a transition (no need to apply video effects or video for camera, e.t.c.)
  • Hi Gary :) Don't let the marketing department (and the fact that it's "more recent") fool you ;) - from what I can see (I haven't tried it, only watched the promo video), Pioneer's video player is a fairly simple two channel video player with fairly limited effects, transitions, and a few overlay features. I suspect that they will develop it quickly though - it's always great to have competition in the industry (assuming that they don't just copy the features of MixEmergency).

    MixEmergency 3.1 is coming. I can't give you a specific date for this (like for every new update to MixEmergency). It shouldn't be too far away now, and our testers are hard at work testing it to make sure that it's ready for release. There are some pretty cool new things coming in MixEmergency 3.1 (some that no other Video DJing software has yet). ;)
  • Just playing with rekordbox and the new video plugin
    though I'd boot up mix emergency just to see ( I'm still on 2.7)
    Mixemergency doesn't work with rekordbox ....... BUT

    in reckordbox it picks up Mixemergency as a control device out and when you shut down Mixemergency you get a message in Rekordbox that says Mix Emergency Out is Disconnected .........

    Hoping for mixemergency update to pick up the output signal of rekordbox :-)

    one can only hope
  • Sounds great. Thanks Nick.
  • @Lofty - that's just picking up the MixEmergency MIDI output, which is capable of sending MIDI to other applications. :)
  • So I've had a bit of a play with Rekordbox Video and whilst there are a lot of flaws and it's pretty much a carbon copy of Serato Video it is a nice addition to the Pioneer lineup. We've said it all before and it's obviously crossed your mind but now seems as good a time as any to again highlight that there definitely is a market for expanding MixEmergency's cover beyond Serato. I know, I for one would have my year made if I could use rekordbox DJ and ME together and I'm sure there are Traktor and Virtual DJ users who feel the same too. Obviously easier said than done if under the hood Rekordbox has a different design to Serato but as far as I can crudely tell the software rips off Serato left right and centre so I wouldn't be surprised if the coding is similar haha. I can even plug in my Rane SL2 and use the Serato timecode vinyl and cds with Rekordbox DJ so I'm hoping under the hood ME technology could potentially work the same with Rekordbox DJ. I'd certainly pay for that kind of update!

    I'm always going to be pro rekordbox because I mostly play on thumbdrives and there's no escaping pioneer gear in clubs so I'm dragged into their "apple" type ecosystem. It makes sense to have one central library of hotcues so I'd rather stay with Pioneer if I can. The one thing rekordbox has got going for it is the best grid and prep out of any other DJ software. I play with a lot of BPM transition tracks and Serato's grid is a pain in the bum to set two bpms whilst in rekordbox it's simple and pain free.

    So far playing in Rekordbox Video I've found it's very resource hungry and hits my specced out Retina quite hard on CPU when loading HD video. It doesn't lag or go out of sync like I found Serato Video did but it does freeze up and almost crash every time you load a video. If you wait 20 / 30 seconds, all is well again but it's a pretty shaky start. It sounds like the update was full of bugs though so hopefully they fix all this with Monday's quick update. They also didn't let video bridge via iTunes (yet) which is highly annoying, so hopefully they fix that too.

    But as I said above, help us ME, you're our only hope and I'd much rather be using your plugin via Rekordbox! :-)
  • Unfortunately it's not quite as simple as it sounds to get MixEmergency working with any other software. It would be great if MixEmergency could be compatible with every DJ software, but I don't think this would ever happen.
  • Fair enough Nick, always easier said that done :-)
  • Hey Nick, first off, thanks for the best VJ software available! Any chance for supporting playback of mp3+G? Since serato implemented it I've been able to ditch OTS AV completely and just use SDJ (and Serato video) but I'd LOVE to have all the benefits of ME3 to use when I'm doing my karaoke shows. Not sure how hard this is for you but I would gladly pay any add-on/upgrade fee for this feature.
  • There is certainly a chance of this ;)
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