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Video exportation error

edited July 2016 in MixEmergency
Hi there I have been getting this frequent error lately when I try to render a 50 minutes video mix. The error code is Export - 36. Tried to lower my cache to around 200 MB and freed like 100GB of space in my mac Hdd. What might be the probable problem?


  • Can you try to export it using the "Fast Encode" version of that export preset and see if it gives you the same error?

    The error -36 is the "ioErr" code - so it has had some issue reading or writing the file. When the error comes up, can you also check this free space in the Activity Monitor? Also that you're not exporting to any FAT32 formatted hard drives (they have a 4GB file size limit, which can be a problem).
  • Hey Nick, I'm getting this same error code "Movie export failed with error -36".

    The only detail that is different about this export that I can think of is that when I export it's asking me to locate a missing file. In this case it's just a .jpg that I used to try out the new Media Bank feature. I instead located a different file.

    I tried v3.2, then when this failed I tried v3.1.1 but I'm getting the same error code.

    Any ideas?

  • I'm experiencing these issue. "Relocate a missing file" then ME crashes. Anyone knows how to fix the issue. Thanks

  • Figured it out. Thanks

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