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MixEmergency 3.1.0

edited July 2016 in MixEmergency
I was wondering if anyone has had any issues with the new update as far as output goes. I've had no problems before tonight with output on the bar's main tvs. I've always ran the HDMI output on the side of my Macbook Pro for the main TV's and utilize one of the ports for the thunderbolt using a VGA adapter to display a preview monitor.

When I started getting the green screen during my set I unplugged the VGA adapter and it seemed to help a bit. All my settings remained the same, I didn't mess with any of the settings. My RAM consumption went from using 6GB to about 4-5GB so that helped out a lot because I only have 8GB worth of RAM. Any advice would help!


  • Hi - I've replied to your e-mail regarding this.

    I suspect that it is an issue with something outside of MixEmergency though.
  • Thank you for the fast responses on both ends Nick.
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