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Full screen mode creates problems!

edited August 2016 in MixEmergency
Hi Nick

Had this issue a while and there is a workaround, but was wondering why Mix Emergency makes Serato DJ glitchy when in full screen mode.

I have disabled full screen at start up and the workaround i use is to manually stretch the output to fit the screens. However, occasionally when I press cmd F to find a track in Serato, it causes glitches in both SDJ & ME. It is obviously because ME is selected and it puts it in to full screen mode.

Is there any reasons why ME would behave this way in full screen mode?



PS, Using 3.1.0 but this has been an issue for a while now!


  • What version of Serato DJ, Mac OS X, and MixEmergency are you using? What are the specs of your computer?

    Have you tried the optimisation tips and tricks?

    Also, one thing that I'm still gathering data on is whether MixEmergency is performing better when Serato DJ is windowed instead of fullscreen. Another is to disable the preference of auto-hiding the menu bar and dock in MixEmergency, but to turn on auto-hiding of the dock within Mac OS X (you'll still see the menu bar at the top, but this isn't much of a problem).
  • Hi Nick

    Im using 1.9.1 on OSX 10.11.6. This seems to happen with all the recent updates of ME. Comp specs MBP early 2013 retina 15" 2.7, 16gb ram, intel HD 400 & NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M.

    I've tried all the optimisations. and already hide the dock in osx.

    Just seems bizarre as ME & the computer can more than handle the HD video but just seems to bomb out and go all glitchy when put in to full screen mode?


  • Perhaps you can try this:

    1) Open the Mac OS X System Preferences
    2) Navigate to the Mission Control preference panel
    3) Toggle the "Displays have separate Spaces" preference
    4) Log out and log back in again

    Does this have any effect on the output?

    I would also suggest updating to Serato DJ 1.9.2, if you can.
  • Hi Nick

    Tried the above and had no effect. As soon as i put it in to fullscreen mode it glitched again?

    I was using 1.9.2 (Latest build) too.


  • Can you post a screenshot of the screens when are having this problem?
  • Can you also try the 3.1.1 beta (listed at the top of this forum) and see if this makes any difference?
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