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not recording on both deck

edited August 2016 in MixEmergency
when i am recording it is only recorded on one side


  • What hardware are you using? (mixer/controller)
  • Hi There I actually have the same problem. Im Using Pionner DDJ-SX Just Purchase ME and it only record deck 1 (the left side) Can you help please?
  • You'll have to open the Pioneer setup utility and make sure that one of the channels is set to the "MIX (REC)" channel, then use these channels (e.g. if it's channel 1 on the mixer, use channels 1 & 2 in MixEmergency... if it's channel 3, use channels 5 & 6... etc) in MixEmergency to record from.
  • Im guessing is ch 5 on DDJ-SZ now the question is how I change the channels on MixEmergency?
  • When you go to record in MixEmergency, a window will open that asks you to select the device, recording format, and channels. This is where you set it (by default it'll be set to channels 1 & 2).
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