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Feature Requests: 1. Automation 2. Link Visuals to tracks

edited August 2016 in MixEmergency
1. Will it be possible to have some automation in Mix Emergency.

Eg an auto command that will make ME just apply random FX or FX presets to visuals playing and possibly by beat grid or using laptop mic?

2. Ability to link specific visuals to specific audio and video tracks.


  • 1. What about the FX Sequencer?

    2. This is in MixEmergency, but doesn't work with some combinations of the applications. It needs a rewrite, but I'm hesitant to put too much work into this before support for Scratch Live is dropped. Maybe I should just support Serato DJ for this feature.
  • 1. The FX Sequencer still requires some input from the user. Maybe there can an automatic random FX Sequencer shuffle mode that moves to the beat.

    2. Well if you decide to enable this feature it will make a lot of sense.
  • @nick another idea will be if you can implement a Random/shuffle FX Sequencer mode i.e say one song plays with FX Sequencer one when one transition to another song it should change to another random saved FX Sequencer.

    Just like the transition does currently.

    Maybe bank randomization and entire FX Sequencer banks randomization option.
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