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MixEmergency 3.1 and Mobiola webcam

edited August 2016 in MixEmergency
hi, im having some issues using mobiola with the new mix emergency, every time i activate the video input on mobiola it just displays a gray square, can anyone help me?


  • I don't have much experience with this application, sorry. Have you tried changing the Video Input Quality ("Q.") setting in MixEmergency?
  • it worked perfectly with the previous version, i changed the quality on bot ME and on the appa on my phone and nothing
  • I use both apps religiously. Haven't noticed this problem yet, but I'll check up on it ASAP. Usually the gray square = Mobiola has disconnected between the iPhone and MBP
  • got no probs with mobiola ever since...
  • its only shows gray square....can someone help with the settings
  • Any Android alternative to mobiola?
  • I haven't heard of any users talking about using these types of apps from Android.
  • I'm having the same problem with the Mobiola not giving me a picture. Mobiola sees live feed from my iPhone 6 on my desktop but not on ME. I've tried reinstalling Mobiola thinking it was that with no luck. Only cam ME sees is my MBP built in cam. I'd really love to get this working again as its a great tool to have
  • Also having the same problem.. was working on the last version of ME
  • anybody get this to work for them yet?
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