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SDJ 1.9.2 with ME 3.1.0 using a lot of CPU

edited August 2016 in MixEmergency
I haven't experienced that many problems with ME anytime before. I had to upgrade my Mac to El Capitan 10.11.6 and I installed SDJ 1.9.2 because it says it was supported. However when I use it with ME it using a lot of CPU. Any ideas what I can do to resolve the issue?



  • Does it use a lot even when idle with no videos loaded? And when you say "a lot", what do you mean exactly? (10%, 20%, 30%, etc)

    Silly question, maybe, but have you tried restarting?
  • would consider downgrading to yosemite, got loads of friends got problems with el capitan although its been supported by serato...
  • I'm on E.C. with SDJ 1.9.2 and ME 3.1 with no problems. But your computer has to be able to handle it for sure
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