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video's lagging glitching when using Serato dj versions above 1.7.8

edited August 2016 in MixEmergency
hi guys i'm currently having to use SDJ version 1.7.8 because if i use anything higher it makes videos i'm my mix emergency versions 2 & 3 lag and glitch freeze etc but the processor usage bar on my SDJ is less than half way. i've have spent all of today trying different versions updating optimizing etc etc but had not luck.. this is now a bigger problem as i've just purchased a Denon MCX8000 and can't use it until i get this issue fixed and i can use a higher SDJ version any ideas??

so i've already tried version 1.7.8 this works fine on The DDJ SZ, cdjs and alike

1.8.2 and above cause video issues on both the DDJ sz cdjs and my nex MCX8000 which has got the latest firmware

My system is
Mac book pro 2008 os version10.10.5
2.8gb dual core
8gb ram


  • your mac is 2008, it can say it..and i think it doesnt got a dedicated vram for graphics card...
  • Your Mac doesn't meet the minimum requirements to run MixEmergency - especially if you want to run high-bitrate/HD videos.

    It should work ok with SD videos though - but you will need to disable the GPU-accelerated video decoding in the Advanced section of MixEmergency's Preferences.
  • Thanks Nick I'll give its ago I've been running SD and HD videos fine for ages hence my disbelief that there's now a problem just because of an update or two but we'll see what happens. long term looks like I'm gonna have to get a new Mac cheers for your help
  • It's likely to do with the changes that occurred in Serato DJ 1.8. Serato have changed their graphics system quite a bit in this version, and this has been causing a number of issues for users.
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