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NDI with Arkaos Grand VJ

edited August 2016 in MixEmergency
Arkaos Grand VJ with NDI

I will soon play a venue where they have 4 cinema screens/projectors wired with vga, fed by a PC running Arkaos Grand VJ.
The PC is connected on internet via wifi and is in the DJ booth (but the internet box is in the boss office very far so its not hard wired with ethernet)

I've never done this before, and i know nothing about networks so please bare with me:

1/ Does Arkaos have NDI input? I tried to find the info on their website but no luck.
If it doesnt, my idea is to have the Newtek NDI app on a usb stick to be able to launch it from there, and then somehow (I dont know how yet until I'll try at the venue) feed the NDI from the app to Arkaos.

2/ I obviously dont want to rely on the club's wifi.
Can I hard wire my mbp to the pc with a ethernet cable, and still use the wifi of the club for the mingling feed and for the mobiola webcamera?

3/ In case the internet goes down in the club, will I still be fine with my pc/mac - ethernet connexion?


  • I can't say that I know much about Arkaos. If it supports Spout, you may be able to use the NDI to Spout application.
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