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DJM-S9 Midi Mapping

edited August 2016 in MixEmergency
I have been trying to remap my new laptop and the video samples with my s9 mixer but no luck. Everything works fine on my old laptop. But when I ask ME to relearn the midi control for my sample pads on my mixer with the new laptop it's unresponsive. I am running ME3 and using serato DJ 1.9.1. Any suggestions?


  • Can you first check that MixEmergency is able to receive MID from your mixer?

    Open the MIDI window in MixEmergency (in the menu bar, select Window, then MIDI). There is a drop-down menu on this window labelled "Select MIDI Inputs", click this and check that the S9 is selected.

    In the Info section of the window, you should see the "In" indicator light when you push the MIDI sample pads or move the fader.

    If that's all ok, and it still isn't working, enable the "Log MIDI Messages" button on the window. Does this output text in the logging area when you push the buttons?
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