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why cant Syphon or NDI pick up rekordbox video output?

edited September 2016 in MixEmergency
I am trying to get syphon or NDI to pick up Rekord Box Video so I can use ME3 with it

Is there a way I can do this?


  • I don't believe that Rekordbox Video has any of these more advanced video sharing/streaming features built into it yet.
  • Rekordbox does have Syphon out now!! Ooh does this mean we can get Rekordbox and ME talking to each other? Really hope so!! Love ME but I just can't get on the Serato train. Bought it but didn't enjoy the workflow and found grid mapping to be really slow and clunky compared to Rekordbox. I know a lot of DJs love it but when you've played on Pioneer your whole career it makes sense to stay in the ecosystem.
  • MixEmergency should be able to accept Syphon input from any application that uses Syphon to output.
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