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Choppy waveforms when using Media Bank

edited October 2016 in MixEmergency
Hi Nick,
I'm hoping you can give some advice.
I'm using a MBP 15" (Late 2013)
2GB Nvidia Graphics
i7 2.3Ghz
512GB HD
SDJ 1.9.2
MixEmergency 3.0.2

My issue is this. When I use an MP3 and use a clip out of my media bank I will "link to audio", the wave form is all the sudden choppy on SDJ. The media bank clips I am using are MP4s and around 15 sec to 3 min. I have no choppy waveforms when playing music videos. There are no video output issues. The music doesn't drop out. It is just a choppy waveform. As soon as I switch back to music videos it is fine. Serato Video is not enabled. All other apps are shut down in the background. I have rebooted the computer and same issues arise.

Secondly, when I am using the individual channel faders to increase volume, as I do so, the video "intensity/brightness" increases along with it. But as the "intensity/brightness" increases there is a "strobing" that happens with the video. Once the the fader is at full volume there is no strobing. This happens no matter if I am using my VCI controller or my Rane 57mkII.

Thank you in advance,
Mykey -


  • It sounds as though there may be some difference between your regular music videos and the ones in your Media Bank. Are these clips that you have encoded yourself? Or perhaps they have greater dimensions than your regular videos?

    With regards to the strobing - what transition are you using? Are there any effects enabled? Are you using the crossfader transition mode?
  • The media bank clips are 480 to 720. They are 23fps. As are my music videos.

    I have the transitions set up to random. I need to look to see which ones it "strobes" on. I'm pretty sure it does it on all transitions. Again it only happens on the individual channel faders. NOT when I am "cross fading"
  • Can you try updating to the latest version of MixEmergency and see if the problems persist?
  • Thank you. I updated and all seems to be going good!!
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