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ME and MacOS Sierra

edited October 2016 in MixEmergency
Hi Nick
Are there any issues with ME and Sierra? I'm seeing some glitching on the ticker again. Any tips on best settings for smoothness in this area?


  • I don't know of any issues with MixEmergency and the macOS Sierra. As for smoothness, there are so many things that influence this. What have you tried so far?
  • So is it compatible with sierra?
  • That version of serato you are using that also influences a lot since I tube to go down to version 1.9.1 because the buffer was always very active and with that version runs very well even in mac os sierra greetings.
  • nick, pls the sound in my recording is sounding somehow, like a robot sound effect, am using the new mac seirra
  • Perhaps you can send me an e-mail regarding this:

    Please include more detail about your problems (the hardware and software that you are using) as well.
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