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Live Stream Help (Video Live Stream)

edited November 2016 in MixEmergency
Hi all,

Its 3am and I'm done researching.. I need help!!
My club has recently closed down so in the mean time I've decided to do some 'Live Streaming' on Facebook via the Live Video feature..

Im trying to run a live video feed with the 2 MacBook Pros but just can't quite get my head around the whole process (which I think I've looked way to far into and have probably passed the answer 100 times over)

I currently have 2 MBPs:
15-inch, Mid 2010 & 13-inch, Mid 2012

On my newer MBP I have all my DJing stuff (SSL/SDJ/ME, MP3s & Video Files) & my older MBP is just for everyday use.

Turntables and 57 Mixer as normal + 13inch MacBook running SSL and ME..... 57mixer audio output > 15inch Audio Line In Headphone Jack.. I can DJ on 1 MBP and Stream from the other.

Audio is clear on the live stream. Visually I dunno how to set that up, thats where I'm stuck.

I have read this and it sounds like what I wanna do but dunno how its done -

The Newer MBP has thunderbolt, but doesn't have audio line in... the old MBP have audio line in but not thunderbolt.. I could run everything off the NEWER MBP with an audio in > usb connection but Im trying to have the 2 macs working together (1 strictly DJ & 1 to Stream audio and visual) rather then 1 doing everything (if its possible).Ive spent enough $$ on connections and cords that have all been useful in their own way just not the way I wanna do things.. So if someone could help me out here in how to set up that'd be brilliant!!!

Thank you in advance,


  • First off, you may have problems live streaming commercial music on Facebook. I have seen a lot of posts from Video DJs saying that they have had their Facebook streams shut down due to copyright restrictions.
  • Yeah that's fine, that was just the easiest to explain. I'll jump on another streaming site for time being though my following is on FB.
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