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Could somebody give me the lowdown on Karaoke files?

edited November 2016 in MixEmergency
Hi guys, im doing a Karaoke (Massaoke) night for a student union, large stage and 1,500 students. Just wondering what the deal is with the new karaoke file playback.

1) Where do i source these files?

2) Are they similar to subtitle files for movies? How do they work exactly?



  • MixEmergency supports the playback of .CDG files. These must be in the same folder, and with the same filename (except for the file extension), as the MP3 file that they are played with. You will also need to be using a version of Serato DJ that supports the loading of Karaoke files (the most recent versions do).

    They play in MixEmergency similar to regular video, i.e. they play as the full output of that channel. Karaoke files have quite low dimensions, so the output doesn't always look so great.

    As for sourcing these, I'm not really familiar with which DJ pools provide these.
  • Thanks for the reply! That's great. I've found a few places so will check them out.

    Shame that I'm limited to a static background. Wonder if there's a way to overlay the text over the music videos..

    Anyways, you've helped a great deal. Cheers!
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