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edited December 2016 in MixEmergency
any chance mix emergency could ever work with Rekordbox box? love the new pioneer mixer and their software is good, but video software is a mess.


  • edited December 2016
    The short answer is that MixEmergency is compatible with Serato DJ and Scratch Live only.

    Which mixer are you using? Perhaps it's possible to use it with with Serato DJ?
  • pioneer ddj rzx
  • Ah, that's a pity - it doesn't give you many options.
  • i have pioneer ddj sz as well, which i use still solely to use mix emergency. love the rzx but their video program is a mess. i wish the video industry could just accept the ME should be standard all our (VJs) lives would be so much easier.
    thanks for all your hard work.
    happy holidays
  • Thanks - I wish MixEmergency was a standard that everyone could work on too, haha. :)
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