Using MixEmergency with Windows PC
  • Ok Nick,
    Please dont let us pc users down....
    i read several discussions in here, and everyone seems excited very about using mixemergency. Im not buying a mac book or the mixer, so when r u gonna help us pc users, i have the serato box and im waiting for my savior...
    will u and mixemergency be that person ?
  • Hi henryq,

    We have no plans to release a PC version of this software (not in the near future anyway).
  • haha this is funny.. i bought a mac about 8-9 months ago and have been using that ever since serato released the vsl to sl-1 users...

    but now in my opinion, i dont want u guys to release a version to pc users! haha(im selfish) and i just bought the ME yesterday! and love it...
  • haha - well there are still no plans for a PC version, so you could be in luck.
  • that is not cool ok
  • yuo guys need to help the is not funny we need that ok
  • Please! in windows!
  • Yeah digging up a 6 year old thread is going to make it happen.
  • Waiting on mixemergency to make a pc version like

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